Gather Resources Madagascar

At the center of our process and we assure they stand out!


Do you want to work with our manning agency?

Our agency is certified by the APMF, Malagasy National authorities in charge of seafarers and complies with the MLC 2006.

Furthermore, Gather Resources Madagascar strives to find the best and the most suitable candidates for every shipowner.

Do you want to become a crewmember?

Working as a seafarer offers boundless international opportunities where every candidate will be standing for a wonderful career.

Do you want to externalize your financial, accounting and HR services?


We offer a wide range of finance and accounting services tailored to meet companies and individuals needs in accordance with the Laws.

Do you need a long stay visa for Madagascar?

Visa Expat

We help companies’ staff and individual to obtain long-stay visa to allow them work in Madagascar.



Gather Resources Madagascar supports the protection of forests for environmental benefits by organizing planting campaigns in Madagascar regions. Considering the amount of paper and ink volume used to complete administrative formalities per candidate; Our purpose is to plant one (01) tree per employed person (seafarer, au pair, expatriated staff) which we have been dealing with. We believe that our actions toward the environment will have a significant impact on sustainable development and the future generation.

Gather Resources Madagascar is also committed on Education project. For all companies using our Finance and accounting services; Our purpose is to provide for supplies to one classroom from a public school located in the countryside. We believe that our actions will promote inclusive education and school performance.